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Mission Statement

The Apostles of Jesus is a religious Missionary Order of Priests and Lay Brothers founded by two Italian (Verona) Comboni Missionaries. Fr. John Marengoni and Bishop Sisto Mazzoldi in Moroto Uganda on the 22nd of August 1968, for the explicit aim of the New Evangelisation of Africa and the World.

We commit ourselves to the service of the Spiritual, Pastoral and Social welfare of all people, with preference to the Poor in Spirit after the example of Christ ( Matthew 5:3 ) .Through evangelisation we build a new civilisation of love, justice, peace and life . We opt for primary evangelisation and for pastoral animation of all people because God wants all to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth.

We invite you to Mission partnership with the Apostles of Jesus Missionaries since the mandate to proclaim the gospel of salvation is entrusted to all followers of Christ.

Headquarters for England and Wales

St. Elizabeths Church,
The Presbytery,
St. Elizabeths Road,
West Midlands,
CV6 5BX.



The Co-Founders. Bishop Sixtus Mazzoldi, MCCJ and Rev. John Marengoni, MCCJ.



Help the Apostles Of Jesus with your prayers and donations.

The Catholic Church in Africa is vibrant, as evinced by it's extraordinary rate of growth.

The Apostles of Jesus Missionaries are on the front line, enhancing this growth.



In keeping with our mission to commit ourselves completely to the service of all people with a preference for the poor, and to build together a new civilization of love, justice, peace and life, the Apostles of Jesus are devoted to the following projects. Select the Ministry image for more details on that Ministry. Also call our Mission Office for more information on Mass cards for various needs.



We hold an annual Multicultural Mass of the African Day

St. Elizabeth Church


St. Elizabeth Church is the Parish of Priest: Rev Moses Piya David AJ and is home to the UK Headquarters for The Apostles Of Jesus Missionaries UK.

Father Moses was ordained priest for the Religious Order of the Apostle of Jesus on 3rd October 1999 in Juba, Sudan.

St Elizabeth Church, Coventry was entrusted to his Religious Order in 2002.

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